Community event pics, the capital & new family member

Today we visited the capital, also known as the city everyone in Australia has very strong opinions about and usually not positive. Could stem from the fact that Sydney and Melbourne could not agree which should be capital and hence they compromised and chose Canberra.

We had no complaints, we had a good meeting, got a chance to see some Kangaroos through our taxi window and survived the shaky ride with propeller plane.

Yesterday we managed to squeeze in a trip to the Sydney zoo after our last appointment. Our main purpose was to see the Platapi but those little suckers stayed hidden during our whole visit. But we did manage to procure a new family member for the office!

We’ll miss Australia, it’s been a great week and the highlight of it was without a doubt meeting the fans over here. We hope to come back some day, until then we leave you with some pics of the community event (more will be uploaded on and our new friend.

/Your Paradox Aussie team Gordon, Henrik & Susana

Once you go movie screen you can’t go back!

Gordon and Henrik do their introduction

Grand Strategy on a grand canvas

Say hello to my little friend!

TV networks and Viking swag

Our tour continues and today we visited ABC networks, a prime time network station broadcasting the hugely popular show “Good Game”. It’s great to see mainstream shows like that take interest in a slightly more niche developer/publisher and both Gordon (War of the Vikings) and Henrik (Europa Universalis IV & Crusader Kings II) worked their magic in front of the camera.

We’re meeting with a few other TV crews today while prepping for tonight. Expect lots of pictures and interesting stories from the fan gathering.

Fan gathering preparations and cultural observations

The best way to fight jet lag is to stay up for as long as you can to try and sleep through the night. Unfortunately we did both - stayed up late and woke up at 5 am. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it as they say. Or as the Paradox saying goes “if the job was easy, you wouldn’t need us, we could just hire monkeys to do it”. No offense to monkeys of course!

We also got a chance to do tech prep at the venue for our community event tomorrow. It’s such a cool venue, we can’t wait to meet the fans!

The Cinema where we’ll do our presentations for the community, looks pretty comfy!

EU IV is looking good on the big screen

Cultural observation: either our servers were very conscious of hygiene or they knew something we didn’t

You always learn something new when traveling with your colleagues, like the fact that Gordon Van Dyke has a massive sweet tooth…

Paradox goes Down Under

We’re on the road again and have decided to resurrect our touring blog for the occasion. This time our destination is Sydney, Australia and we made it here safe and sound after 30! hours. The week will be packed with game presentations for media, a community event with fans from all over Australia and a good dose of culture. And coffee & red bull, lots and lots of coffee and red bull…

Tomorrow we announce our new game to the world, you won’t want to miss it!

/The Paradox Aussie Team


Paradox Interactive Beer Garden pre-party!

Yesterday evening we had this really successful beer garden party. We had more people coming than expected and everyone had a great time! Some of us were slightly tired this morning but after some awesome hotel breakfast together we were all fit for fight again :)

More pictures on the Paradox Facebook page here:

Paradox on Tour Team


The Paradox tour continues!

This week we’re at Gamescom in Germany showing War of the Roses, A Game of Dwarves, Impire and our two new announcements; Europa Universalis IV and Cities in Motion II. All presentations are held at the Hyatt Regency hotel and it seems like most of our guests so far are as excited as we are for our upcoming games!

If you haven’t seen them yet, make sure to watch the announcement trailers here:

Europa Universalis IV:

Cities in Motion II:

Paradox on Tour Team

Paradox Interactive Releases Tour Highlight Reel, Nurses Hangover

Whirlwind “Six Games and Rock ‘n’ Roll” Tour Encapsulated in Killer Videos

NEW YORK — August 1, 2012 — Paradox Interactive could not be reached for comment this morning, following the conclusion of their epic “Six Devs and Rock ‘n’ Roll” game tour. Presumed to be sprawled on the floor nursing a terrible hangover, the famed publisher refused to say anything to press other than a muttered request for aspirin, but several of Paradox’s roadies were on hand to deliver a post-show wrap-up report. That report is available now in the form of a series of rocking game videos from the event, presenting fans who were unable to attend with the opportunity to check out everything they missed.

Included in the video lineup are rockstars from Paradox’s pool of fresh new talent. These include:

The Showdown Effect, a 2-D multiplayer run-and-gun arcade combat title, last seen trashing its hotel room by diving headfirst through all of the windows. A new level and environment are featured in its latest video:

View the video at

War of the Roses, master of medieval mayhem with massive multiplayer massacres, arrested on twelve counts of grand theft horse. Meet the Rangers in a new trailer:

Impire, a dungeon-management strategy game, currently in rehab after becoming dangerously drunk with power. Relive its global debut in the title’s first-ever trailer:
Starvoid, a spacefaring RTS title with drop-in-drop-out multi-player for 12 (currently facing assault charges from several alien races). View the beta trailer:

A Game of Dwarves, a dwarf-management sim (still in the hospital after predictably drinking to excess). View previously released story trailer:

Dungeonland, a wild co-op action-RPG set in an adventurers’ theme park, last seen organizing a road trip to other, less lethal tourist attractions. Take a look at the game’s Dungeon Master Mode here:

View the video at

Paradox Interactive also toured with Salem : The Crafting MMO, featured as the event’s opening act, but lost track of them somewhere around the third tattoo parlor. They did manage to find one of Salem’s new videos, however, featured here:


Team Knights of the Noble Duck Revealed!

Staffan “The Padawan” Berglén

Paradox Interactive producer for Starvoid & Salem. Looking forward to: Jousting Ivanhoe-style!

Robin Flodin (Warlord/CEO)

Robin Flodin left the army with a secret mission. His first action to find a brother in arms to make a glorious game of the short people but no luck. Failing to kill all other media with the indie success Dwarfs!?,( what people was happy!?) Robin decided he needed to think bigger. He gathered the most fanatic and crazy game developers he could find.

So in the dark mists and fire of mount doom Zeal was born. One last time Robin looked at his brother in arm teddy before turning his back on the so safe 2d tiles. He had decided 3D was the future or at least that is what the cinema said. (little did he know that was another form of 3d completely) but his faith did not vaguer.

He was going to defeat the purpose of all other media. So he found audience with Sweden’s most powerful wizard as for a quest of this proportion one needs gold! Paradox decided that the young warlords mission was a pure one as he decided to sponsor the journey and use his marketing magic to help as the fellowship juryned out on a quest of epic proportions! The rest will soon be history!

Will win because of destiny, what else? That is why all heroes win is it not?

Mark Venturelli 

Game designer and found by a Swedish expedition to the Amazon jungle, this Brazilian doesn’t fight capoeira and doesn’t cause electric shocks. Also, buy three copies of Dungeonland.

Peter Scarborough (Ronin0ni)

Long time gamer dating back to Atari, monochrome screens and when floppies were floppy.

David Martinez

Lover of beer, food, and all things digital, David has been enthralled with video games since receiving his first game peripheral as a child—an Atari 2600. Since then, he’s worked his way into the game industry as a PR rep at TriplePoint PR, and not just because he loves playing vidja games but because he wanted to show his parents that all that gaming as a kid really did pay off in the end. TAKE THAT, MOM AND DAD!


Some pictures from the Paradox on Tour press event yesterday!

The event was held at Brick & Mortar Music Hall. Our guests got to play the folllowing games: A Game of Dwarves, The Showdown Effect, Dungeonland, War of the Roses, Starvoid and our new exciting announcement, Impire which you can read more about here.

Soon reporting from the War of the Roses tournament event set for today! Make sure to watch it over on Twitchtv:

Your Paradox on Tour Team